#01: Getting Started

Welcome to the 2014 version of the Learn Camp program! Chances are if you’ve found your way here you have at least some interest in learning about and playing around (yes, playing is allowed!) with some new tools that will help you expand your digital literacy toolbox and learn about some new ways of learning. No matter how you got here… we’re glad you made it!!

Learn Camp is an online learning program that encourages you to learn more about emerging technologies on the web that are changing the way people access information and communicate with each other. Both of which have big implications for how people learn and the roles of people like us working in a learning & development profession. Over the course of the next twelve weeks, we’ll use this website to highlight “23 Things” and their accompanying discussion questions and exercises to help guide you as you become familiar with new tools and technologies such as Twitter, RSS news feeds, social bookmarking and much more.

If you’re thinking that you don’t have time to squeeze yet another thing into your already packed schedule this program is designed to work on your terms. Each week’s activities can be done usually in 10-20 minutes at your convenience. It is a very worthy investment that will help you get started, introduce you to great people to learn from and help you set up your own personalized learning network (PLN) for connecting with and contributing to others.

  1. We are  honored to have Mark Britz kicking off the program for us with a webinar tomorrow July 1 at 1:00pm Eastern Time about  “Why Blogging (Still) Matters”  [ Registration Link ]

Mark Britz has been working in learning and development for over 15 years. He has designed and/or managed the development of learning and performance solutions for organizations such as Smartforce, KnowedgeNet, Pearson Digital Learning, The SUNY Research Foundation, and Aspen Dental Management. Mark currently focuses on the use of collaborative technologies and user-generated content to extend training initiatives and enhance peer-to-peer knowledge sharing. His efforts have altered conventional beliefs about organizational learning, and have helped organizations improve execution, increase agility, and embrace emerging technologies.

Mark’s blog is one of the Top 50 Most Socially Shared L&D Blogs and you connect with him on Twitter too!

So fasten your seat belts  and get ready for a discovery adventure… and, remember, it’s okay to play and have fun. Let’s do it together!

We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing. – George Bernard Shaw

To familiarize yourself with this program read the About page. The FAQs should answer most of your questions about this program. If not, then please add your question to the FAQs page as a comment and we’ll try to get you some help.


  1. If you haven’t already, register for Mark’s webinar here
  2. Leave a comment on this post introducing yourself and answer this question: “For me, this program will be a success if _________”



26 thoughts on “#01: Getting Started

  1. Hello all! At LexisNexis, I’m a Design & Technology Consultant team lead on the Performance Development team. We support the LexisNexis sales force.
    For me, this program will be a success when (not “if”) I learn something new. The exciting thing is I have no idea exactly what new chunks of knowledge I’ll gather up and that mystery is what’s exciting! Thanks Mike!

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  2. Hello everyone! I work for the Kenaitze Indian Tribe in Kenai, Alaska as a Training and Development Specialist.For me, this program will be a success period, no qualifier. I’ve been developing elearning and general face-2-face courses since the 90s so I’m always looking for tools I can use andd hopefully enjoy myself.

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    • Good Morning All! My name is Chanda. I work in the Learning & Development Field. This program will be success if I learn at least ONE thing that I can transfer back into my work to benefit our leaders and employees. Thanks!

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  3. Shannon here from Chicago, Owner Learning Rebels consultancy. Mike always comes loaded with great thoughts, tips and even better ideas. I always learn from him. I know he can provide me with further inspiration and ideas that I might be able to share with others in my network, and my customers. This will be a fun activity and I look forward to participating!

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  4. Denise here – in the L&D field for a BPO provider. I am looking to expand my horizons in all sorts of new learning technologies, as well as networking with other like minded professionals. So glad to meet you all! Like many comments above, success for me will be learning something/anything/everything new that I can and finding a way to add to my toolbox and skill set.

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    • Thanks Tim! That is a high-bar indeed. 😎 Even if you don’t make it all the way to the end I hope you’ll glean something or discover someone who makes what you do stick around for worthwhile!


  5. Hi All, I am the Associate Training Coordinator for Johnson & Johnson here in Warsaw, Indiana. I’m always excited and engaged to learn new ways and methods as our technology and tools continue to evolve. For me, this program will be successful if I can take away something ( really anything) new! Knowledge is power and i look forward to participating!!

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  6. Hello, I’m the Training Manager at Henny Penny Corporation in Eaton, Ohio. I’m always looking for ideas on how we can grow our corporate training program. This will be successful if I learn something new!

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  7. Hi, Melissa Hicks from Penn State. Registered a bit late to get into the 1 pm session, but looking forward to thinking about things differently, learning something new, and hopefully, jumpstarting my blog some. 🙂

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  8. Great idea! I am sure I will learn tons. I’ve been slow to adapt to social media, only actively starting to use Twitter just this week. Planning a blog/portfolio but haven’t gotten there yet.

    I registered too late for the web session on blogs today too, unfortunately. Will there be a link to the recording?


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  9. Hi, everyone! I am a new learning designer at Penn State. I have been working on my own to become familiar with a variety of new technologies that I can incorporate into my design work. I am very excited to explore new ideas and connect with others, as well! This program will be successful for me if I can take away a new idea that I can incorporate into one of the classes I am designing.

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  10. Hi, I’m Jodi Zwayer. I’m an instructional designer with Nationwide Insurance. This program wil be a success for me if I can become more comfortable with all the available opportunities to incorporate social learning into our formal learning structure to sustain learning beyond the classroom.

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    • Hi Jodi! We should try to do a meetup with all the Columbus area people who are doing this. It would be great to meet in person sometime? What do you think?


  11. Hello,

    My name is Susan Halpin, sorry I am a bit late to begin the course — had family in town visiting. I am a high school family and consumer science teacher in Massachusetts. I am exploring a career change as I have written lots of curriculum. I am hoping to learn some tools to put that curriculum into an online format to be used as a course.

    Looking forward to sharing what I know and learning from all of you. Thank you Mike for organizing this and bringing us all together.


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