Week 10: Crafting Your Online Presence

NEWS FLASH! You have a online brand. Yes, you! And everyone who’s ever done anything online.

Do you know what people find when they Google you? You should! #LearnCamp

Do you know what your online brand looks like? Are you taking control of it or leaving it to chance?

These days your online presence is your resume. [ See Why Traditional Resumes Are Dead: The Rise Of Resume 2.0 ] While you may still submit a traditional resume and cover letter for job openings, the things that really matter are what the recruiter and hiring manager find when they type your name into a Google search.

Taking care of your personal online brand isn’t just for job seekers. There are lots of other people besides recruiters who want to learn more about you. Think about recruits, new colleagues, potential partners, prospects, customers and more.

What do all these people do before they meet with you? Look you up online. Have you thought about what those people are finding out about you? Heck, you do this before meeting others too don’t you?

Just about everything you’ve done online has been captured and is being served up on Google on-demand. Go to Google right now and see what results you find about yourself. Go ahead, I’ll wait here until you get back.

Mike Taylor Google

What did you find? Did you like what you found? Or did you find anything at all?  A surprising number of people haven’t given their online presence any thought. Don’t be one of them!

The question is how do I manage, curate, and build a reputation? Here are several effective ways to build your online presence.


If you do nothing else, take some time to upgrade your LinkedIn profile. And then start using it regularly! (You can find me here if you’d like to connect.)  For many professionals, one of the top search results is LinkedIn. Many people think of LinkedIn as nothing more than just a resume site. But boy are they missing the boat!

5 Ways to Rock your @LinkedIn Profile #LearnCamp

5 Ways to Rock Your LinkedIn Profile

Not only should you have a LinkedIn profile, but you should stay active there as well. Here are just a few of the reasons to give some thought to how you’re using LinkedIn.

  1. You need to build a network now so you can use it later
  2. Staying active creates opportunities that come to you. Recruiters look for passive candidates
  3. Industry groups can offer you value and connections
  4. Keep your resume up to date just in case
  5. Read the news feed for your industry

Hubspot’s “The Ultimate List of LinkedIn Tips” is a great resource to help you tap into the power of LinkedIn.

Creating Your Online Home Base

If you want to do more consider creating a site showcasing your work. This presentation introduces you to 20 free and easy ways to set up your own personal site for this.  Although, this deck is meant for elearning pros, the concepts apply to everyone.

20 free & easy ways to establish your personal online presence by @tmiket #learncamp 

Other great ways to start shaping your online reputation include:

  • Start a blog. A professional looking WordPress site can be set up in minutes for free. Mine is here if you’d like to see one example.
  • Join Twitter and Facebook. Connect with the leaders in your field. Engage with them. Learn from them.
  • Buy your own domain name (your own name, perhaps) and put something up. Something, anything.

At a minimum create a nameplate, or personal landing page. These serve as an online business card and are a great way to provide your basic info and unite any social media accounts you have. They are very easy to set up in just a few minutes. They’re free and mobile-friendly. Here are a couple good ones to jump start your online presence:







Commit to the process and the challenge of growing your online presence. It’s worth it!

Three Easy Steps to Improve Your Online Presence

  1. Craft an effective LinkedIn profile and use it.
  2. Connect on Social Media
  3. Create your online home

ACTIVITY 1:  Your home base online

Please share if there any single place online you can send people for them to learn more about you?  Where is that?

ACTIVITY 2: Be prepared

If your opportunity of your dreams came to you this afternoon, what  could you share online that would convince the decision makers that you’re the right person for it? Or what if you lose you job tomorrow? What do you have in place to show your next employer or client?

If you don’t have anything, think about what you’ll no longer have access to from your current employer and how long you’re prepared to spend assembling a suitable online presence.

Share your thoughts about the current state of your online presence.


One thought on “Week 10: Crafting Your Online Presence

  1. Hello!
    I don’t currently have an online portfolio but intend to create one! I like these sites but would love any other recommendations: Coroflot, Behance, Carbonmade
    I’ll also review the resources from Mike!


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