Week 9: Catch Up

Fall is football season and just like a quarterback sometimes need to change the play at the last second, we’re calling an audible. We originally planned to talk about your online presence this week, but we’re going to give you a catch-up week instead.

So enjoy a breather this week and the opportunity to review anything we’ve covered so far. Or if you’re one of the folks who joined mid-stream, now’s the time to hit anything you might have missed.

Activity 1 – Share Your Thoughts

Now that we’ve got two months under out belts its time for you to let us know what you’ve taken away from #LearnCamp.  Is there anything you’ve added to your repertoire that you didn’t have before? Are you still looking for something to fill a need?  Leave a comment to share your thoughts and contribute to the conversation.

Activity 2 – Where can we find you online?

In preparation for next week, do a search for your name. (Sign out of Goole or use an Incognito browser).  What do those results tell you? Did you find a representation of yourself that you liked? What would a recruiter who is considering you for your dream job think?  Could you even find yourself at all?

Tell us about what you found. Where there any surprises?


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