Week 7: Blogging

Last year, Mark Britz shared some great insights about how blogging can be an important part of your professional toolkit. Another of our previous webinar speakers, Allison Michels, landed her amazing job with Yammer after the founder and CEO read a post from her personal blog. You just never know what connections you’re enabling by blogging.

Mark Britz on “Why Blogging (Still) Matters”

Webinar Recording:

[ Note our producer was sleeping on the job and missed recording the first few minutes. ]


Blogs are a great way to engage people in knowledge sharing, reflection and conversation. You can create one in just a few minutes and they are super easy to use. Even if you don’t think you have anything important to say or that nobody would read it, you can still benefit from blogging. Here are just a few reasons to create a blog of your own:

  • Personal journal. Share your ideas or vent your frustrations, it’s your choice.
  • Personal or Professional interest.  Your blog can be a great place to collect and share knowledge on anything that interests you. Before you know it you’ll have a valuable repository of knowledge.
  • Online resume. It is impossible to capture what you do on a one page printed resume.  A blog is a much better way to capture all your professional thoughts and experience.
  • Communications. Blogs are better than email in so many ways. (But you can still connect them to email if you need to. Check out that “Follow by email”  button over on the right side of this post)
  • Great for newsletters. Blogs are a great way to publish newsletters, for your department, club, hobby group or virtually any kind of organization.
  • Quick & easy website. Many organizations big and small use blogs as their company website. (Here’s a sampling of well-known sites that are powered by WordPress blogs.)

[ In case, you haven’t noticed., this Learn Camp program is being run on a WordPress blog. ]

So what do you think?  Think it’s worth kicking the tires? (It is!) Why not create a blog to capture your thoughts and share the thinks you do in the program?  If nothing else it’s worth setting one up and just playing around with it to see how it works.  You can be up in running today in less than 10 minutes for free with WordPress or Blogger.

Activity 1: Watch Mark Britz’s Presentation “Why Blogging Still Matters

Follow Mark on Twitter (@britz) and plug into his blog MarkBritz.com

Activity 2: Answer the following questions.

  • If you already have a blog, what prompted you to start it? How are you using it? What advice can you give others who are just getting started?
  • If you don’t have one, what questions do you have? What’s stopping you from starting one?

Share you thoughts in the comments on this post and include a link to your blog so the rest of us can check it out! Tweet it out using our hashtag #LearnCamp

Further resources:

7 Things You Should Know About Blogs

Create a free blog on WordPress

Create a free blog on Blogger


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