Week #5 Catching Up & Checking In

It seems appropriate that on this long holiday weekend, we’ve reached our first ‘catch up’ week, which is included to give you a chance catch up with the first four activities. It is also a great time to reflect on what we’ve seen so far.  If you’re coming in late or have just been busy, here is what we’ve covered so far:

  1. Week 1: Getting Started
  2. Week 2: Social Media
  3. Week #3: Using Twitter Professionally
  4. Week #4 Keeping Up in a Busy World

Be sure to take a peek at the comments at the bottom or each week’s post and add your 2 cents. Even if you’ve done the activities, the comments often add an ‘extra’ or different perspective. Sometimes the conversations are more valuable than the posts themselves.

And to that point, I’ve created a Hootcourse for us to ask questions, share valuable discoveries and connect with your fellow #LearnCampers.

Please share:

  • something you’ve learned
  • any questions that you’ve come up with in response to participating
  • your thoughts/experience so far with a new tool or resource
  • something you think has worked well with this program
  • something you think could work better with this program
  • something you’d like to see in the upcoming weeks

Click over and add a question or comment now. 

Here’s the RSS feed so you can plug it into your reader of choice and keep up this the comments there instead of having to visit the site! 😎 http://hootcourse.com/feeds/help/course/4229/

follow us in feedly

And of course, you can plug this program itself into your favorite feed reader: https://learncamp.wordpress.com

follow us in feedly

Hope you’re enjoying a nice, relaxing long weekend!


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