#14 Social Bookmarking

Have been at home and wished you could remember one of the great links you bookmarked on your computer at work? Or waded through the hundreds or thousands of bookmarks in your browser and wished for a better way to organize them? If so you’ll definitely be interested in social bookmarking.

Social bookmarking is a way to organize web-based information resources so you can access them from any computer and share them with others.  Social bookmarking is different from bookmarking sites in your web browser because you can access the bookmarks from any computer, not just the one on which you created them, and because you can share them with other people as well as discover what others are bookmarking.

Most social bookmarking sites allow users to organize their bookmarks by “tagging” them. The great advantage to this over saving bookmarks in your browser is that you can use as many tags as you want for each bookmark giving you multiple ways to find it later when you need it.

Watch this video to learn how social bookmarking works:

While the video use delicous to demonstrate social bookmarking, I prefer to use another one called Diigo (pronounced Dee-go). Diigo has some additional features that are nice including the ability to share bookmarks with a group of people. ( Feel free to join our Learn Camp group and share your links with us! )

Here are two good videos to help you get started working with Diigo to save, share and manage your bookmarks.

Pinterest is another site that allows you to collect and organize online resources visually.

Check Jane Bozarth’s article about using Pinterest for L&D and check out Shannon Tipton’s great collection of creative learning ideas on Pinterest to see it in action.

If you use any of these I’d love to connect with you there. You can find me at https://www.diigo.com/user/tmiket and http://www.pinterest.com/tmiket/

Examples of how these tools can be used by L&D pros:

Discussion Questions:

  1. Do you use any social bookmarking tools such as Diigo, delicious or Pinterest?
  2. Can you see any benefits from having access to what others are bookmarking?
  3. How could this be used for learning/training?
  4. Will you sign-up? Why or why not?



19 thoughts on “#14 Social Bookmarking

  1. I’ve used delicious for year because you can access it from any computer and the great/easy tagging helps organize everything. I never paid attention to the social aspect but will now look at learning implications of it.


  2. Love this!!! I’ve never even heard of delicious, but I have a need personally and professionally. I think our design team can use this to share tech info with each other and then possibly use within training in some way – maybe have a group of learners share their research/findings through a custom tag for the class. I’m wondering if there’s a way to have private groups… That would be cool!


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  4. Never heard of Delicious, but it looks interesting. I didn’t see any tags on the LearnCamp link, though. Is there supposed to be tags on that one? Thanks Mike!


  5. I seem to be having a problem as well. I don’t see any links. Must I create an account first? Also, the 8-minute tutorial takes me to an odd site with learning tips from 2007.


  6. @Nancy were you accessing the Delicious link on an iPad or smartphone by any chance? That original link works for me on a computer but not from my iPad…could be something with the mobile delivery of them. I will try the Delicious app to see if that works better….might be a reason to consider Diigo instead.


  7. I started using Diigo earlier this year and it has come in handy, especially for bookmarking when I am doing research for a class. I haven’t tried out too many of the social features of it and I didn’t even know you could create groups, so thanks for that new tidbit of info, Mike!


  8. Yes, Diigo has some nice features. You can also create lists for your bookmarks and the people you follow. Both have been handy for me. My favorite thing it that I can see what other people are bookmarking.

    It’s great for things like assembling supplemental resources for a course, extra info related to presentations, etc and with a single link you can provide people an always up-to-date collection of resources.

    Who else is on Diigo?


  9. Nice intro to social bookmarking, Mike! I’ve heard of Diigo, but that’s about it. I see the utility and can’t wait to get something going – love organizing using tags – but I want something that syncs seamlessly between desktop (PC & Mac), iPad, and iPhone. There’s a Diigo mobile browser app but the reviews aren’t great. Then there’s Pinboard for desktop and its related Pushpin for Pinboard app that sounds OK. Do you know if any of these play nicely together so you’ve always got your bookmarks with you? If so – I’m in!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Jackie! I use Diigo via my web browser which works well for PC, Mac and iPad. (Haven’t tried via a phone.) Having the bookmarklet or the browser addin is a big time saver. Let me know where you land so I can follow all the great stuff you find! 😎

      Liked by 1 person

      • Thanks for the info Mike – it worked! I’ve installed the Diigo Chrome extension on desktop and the Diigo browser apps on iPhone and iPad and they seem to play together nicely. Next I’ll work on figuring out groups and some of the other nifty features. Thanks again! 🙂


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