Webinar: “Enterprise Social Networking Scared Straight: Learn by Doing” by Allison Michels

Our first webinar with Mark Britz was a big success and we look forward to keeping the momentum going with Allison Michels on August 1st at 11:00 am Eastern.

Allison Michels
“Enterprise Social Networking Scared Straight: Learn by Doing” 

Many learning and development (L&D) professionals struggle to become a part of the larger enterprise social initiatives at their companies. Social learning can’t occur in a vacuum and we need to consider it as part of the broader enterprise social strategy. If enterprise social networking is more ingrained across the organization, it will be much easier to ingrain into L&D programs. In addition, learning and knowledge will flow more naturally.

This session will help L&D professionals figure out how to get involved with the broader enterprise social-networking initiatives at their companies and make it a core part of the way people work. You will get practical tips on how to inject yourself into your enterprise social-networking strategies. Learn how to have discussions with business leaders and IT on the value that enterprise social networking brings to your company. Gain insights into ways you can help drive the appropriate change-management behaviors in order for enterprise social networking to be successful.

In this session, you will learn:

  • Why it’s important to lead enterprise social networking at your company
  • About the discussion points that will resonate with business and IT people
  • How to increase adoption and engagement of social tools at your organization
  • How other companies, large and small, are implementing enterprise social networking

The only prerequisite for this session is a thirst for knowledge, and a passion to make your organization better through using enterprise social tools and techniques. 

Allison Michels delivers education programs to customers and engages in the people side of change. She focuses on training and coaching the C-suite. She has previously led training efforts at Yammer and First Solar. Allison holds a BA degree in business administration from the University of Toledo and an ME degree in technology and leadership from The George Washington University.

Register here. 


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